Beacon Bible Camp has existed since 1963. It was started by Ted and Barbara Becker, who saw a need for Christian camping experiences for young people, especially those who hadn't heard about Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation. From the very beginning, it was decided that those who worked at Beacon would be volunteers, to ensure that funds donated to the ministry would go directly to funding the work of sharing the Gospel with campers. Ted and Barbara were the first to answer God's call to serve full-time at Beacon. 

Knowing that the volunteer full-time workers at Beacon would have to cover their financial needs, individuals and churches supported the workers directly, ensuring that their daily needs were being met.  Due to the tight-knit nature of the Beacon community, this funding was enough and the full-time workers didn't usually make their support needs known outside of this small circle of supporters.  

As God increased the ministry at camp, Beacon brought on additional full-time workers to meet the needs of the campers. From one couple, the roles began to require the attention of 4 full-time workers, as well as many more summer staff to meet both spiritual goals as well as increasingly complex regulations from the government in the camping industry.

Over the years, Beacon continued to grow, and those supporting the workers realized that a more formal structure should exist to assist the full-time volunteers. To accomplish this, Friends of Beacon Ministries was registered with Canada Revenue Agency on January 1, 2001 as a charitable organization.

Since that time, Friends of Beacon (FOB) has existed in order to promote the financial and prayer support of Beacon's full-time workers. This relieves the staff of the responsibility of raising their own support and allows them to devote their efforts to the ministry. Staff are able and encouraged to connect with family and friends who are interested in supporting them, while Friends of Beacon reaches out to the wider Beacon community to promote the support of the workers. 

As Beacon continues to grow, Friends of Beacon intends to support Beacon's ministry, while staying financially prepared for the future needs of the staff. We are exploring new ways of reaching out to the Beacon family for support, while continuing to trust the Lord for His provision of financial resources. As the psalmist reminds us, the Lord owns "the cattle on a thousand hills", and we continue to believe that God will provide for the important work being done at Beacon Bible Camp.